Delivery Fees/Areas Covered

Please note that Kids Rule is now 2 separate companies which consist:

Bouncy castles and table/chair hire

Soft play, toys and all other equipment

Therefore, you may be required to pay 2 separate delivery fees depending on your order.  Please contact us for information.

Delivery to some postcodes which cover large areas may vary so please ask when booking - these particular postcodes will be marked with an asterisk.

Canary Wharf (or any neighbouring areas) are now subject to an additional £30 charge as well as the usual delivery fee due to regular traffic congestion and road closures in Central London which we are required to drive through from our  base in Hampstead.

(All postcodes are colour co-ordinated for your convenience)

Free delivery:

Camden borders of NW1* (please ask for further information), NW3, NW5, N19



N6, N7, NW1*, NW2*, NW4, NW6*, NW8, NW11

N5, W9, NW2*, NW6*

N1*, N2, N3, N4, N8,N10, NW2*, NW6*, NW9*, W10

N1*, NW9*, NW10, EC1*, EC2*, WC1*, WC2*, N22*

WC1*, WC2*, W2*, W8, W11, EC1*, EC2*, NW9*, NW7, N12, N22*

W2*,W12, E1 (City borders), E2 (City borders), E5 (Borders of North London), E8 (Borders of North London), EC3, EC4, N11, N15, N16, N17, N20, N22*


W14, N9, N13, N14, N18, N21




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